Meeting Space

Ideal for work groups and small classes.


Bring workers together on location.


A versatile space serving a variety of needs.


The space is no longer available. We sold the unit. Email us at

Aurora Meeting Space, 1010 S. Joliet St., Suite 104, Aurora, CO 80012

Photos of our Meeting Space
When you book a meeting, you will have exclusive use of the unit.

The unit is typically best for small groups in the 4-8 person range. The room may accommodate up to 12 students plus 1-2 instructors when the desks are utilized in front of the windows. Groups as large as approximately 20 people may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Aurora meeting space is available for small groups and meetups.

Comfortable Sitting AreaGood for relaxed group discussions.

The sitting area may be used for focus group discussions, brain storming sessions and the like. A larger coffee table is available, if desired. Executive-style office chairs or stools may also be used to enlarge the central sitting area.

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Meeting TableCircular table suitable for 4 people.

The circular table may be used as a meeting space or relocated in the room to best facilitate your event.

Work stations along the outer walls of the meeting room, which may be useful for those interested in renting the space as a classroom.

WorkstationsTwelve comfortable workstations.

There are 4 built-in desks that each comfortably seat 3 people for a total of 12 workstations. Each desk, or table, faces toward a window which provides excellent lighting during the day. The windows have been recently treated with heat resistant and UV shielding film.

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Large IslandRelocate the island in the room, as needed.

This large piece of furniture is hand-built from a reclaimed beam. Though it is heavy, it is easily slid across the floor to place in the room as needed. It may also be used in its current location.

Enclosed Office

Enclosed OfficeSmall office with french doors.

A small corner office with french doors is available. The room is great for one person at the desk. It is also adequate for up to two people to meet. Two small enclosures are also in the unit. The first may be used as a "telephone booth" if someone desires privacy on their cell phone or for storage of supplies, etc., while on site. The second enclosure is currently in use for storage.

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Professional BuildingHavana Gardens Business Suites

Aurora Meeting Space is located in the Havana Gardens office building. Tenants include lawyers, accountants, the Aurora police and firefighters associations, CPAs, Insurance agents, etc. the building features an atrium-style lobby, restrooms and a drinking fountain. Ample free parking is available. The High Line Canal Trail is located directly behind the building.